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Departing Wickhams Cay, Tortola, explore the British Virgin Islands aboard a 52’ Moorings Power Cat. Soak up the sun as we meander through the islands exploring the pristine beaches and vibrant reefs. Snorkel the Wreck of the Rhone, eat fresh lobster on the island of Anegada and watch the sun set from the bar at Cooper Island, it’s all here at an affordable price. Relax, play, snorkel, dive, fish and see a part of the world that has been calling you… the Caribbean!


For more information click here or contact Captain Rusty Pete at:

Moorings 514 Catamaran anchored in the BVIs

Sunset BVIs

The Baths, BVIs


Nov 3rd – Nov 10th 2018

3 x 52' Mooring Power Catamarans

Cost $1695


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