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I admit it, I have trust issues, so it is not very often that I get scammed and usually never by the same person twice. So shame on me when, on this last trip from Grenada to St Vincent, we were scammed not once but twice by the same guy. As a tribute to the prowess of his scamming skills, I have decided to give him the promotional respect that he deserves, with the hope that others are wary and vigilant when dealing with him.


I understand that things cost more in the islands, that's a given when you consider how they have to come by the goods. So when Mr Asbert, who goes by the pseudonym of Mr Best, advised that he could help solve a rising crisis by assisting our guests with liquid provisioning for a small fee, we agreed. However this fee turned out to be significant, and by the time I realized that we had been scammed, Mr Best was disappearing into the sunset.

A few days later, at a marina in St Vincent, we were looking to fill the boats up so that we could complete checkout early. The marina, experiencing a fuel shortage, was allowing limited fuel per boat. Unfortunately, the boats needed more than the allowable, so at the pleading of Mr Best to give him a second chance, we agreed to allow him to deliver fuel to the boats for the cost of the fuel, plus a handling fee. The fuel cost was correct, however Mr Best doubled the amount that he actually put into the boats and the skippers, although questioned the amounts, paid him. When I received the final tally over the radio and realized that they were high, Mr Best had again disappeared. We also met his "Partner" who had actually done the work getting the fuel and delivering it on his personal boat who advised Mr Best had not paid him either for his services.

I know I was crazy to allow him to do additional business for us, but I was hoping that he would redeem himself. In the whole scheme of things, the losses are not outrageous, but it is more about being scammed. So if you are cruising in the Windwards and happen to come across Mr Best, be wary of his help......

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