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Captain Rusty Pete's Bareboat Flotillas are for individuals, couples or groups who want to be part of a bareboat charter, without the financial commitment of a charter boat.


Captain Rusty Pete's Bareboat Flotilla holidays are a great way to enjoy sailing, whilst being a part of a larger social group. Purchase a cabin aboard a 50 foot skippered cat and be part of the crew for an all round sailing experience. Experienced sailors, skipper one of Rusty Pete's brokered boats and follow the  or the whole boatwill be guided by the Flotilla leader and an onboard skipper, who know all the best places to visit, and where the ideal sailing conditions are to be found. No matter what your sailing level, you will find Flotillas friendly, free-and-easy, and a whole lot of fun!




You do not have the commitment of a charter contract.
You do not have the stress of filling a boat with crew members.
You have the benefit of a planned itinerary, yet the flexibility to visit alternate locations if you want.
You have the benefit of having an experienced "skipper" on-board, but do not have the cost of a "for hire captain". 
 You do not have the worries of provisioning the bareboat. All you are responsible for is your alcohol.
You can enjoy the social camaraderie of sailing with a group of sailboats.
You gain bareboat experience so that you may charter your own boat if you wanted to.



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