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Captain Rusty Pete’s Island Adventure Sailing is the ideal compromise between the hardcore sailor and the laidback sunseeker. Our Island Adventure Flotillas are never far from land. We sail a few hours a day as we travel between the exotic destinations, snorkeling the reefs, exploring the islands with their white sand beaches, or scuba diving the many wrecks. In the evenings the flotilla will anchor, moor on a mooring ball or dock each night, usually within a short dinghy ride of an island bar, restaurant or resort. Some evenings we will raft the boats together to share dinner and socialize with the other crew members.


Singles or couples can rent a berth or cabin on a boat with an experienced “skipper”. This eliminates the concerns of having to know how to sail before going on a trip likes this.


Experienced bareboat skippers can still skipper their own boat in the flotilla, but eliminate the hassle of having to navigate, provision or plan out the trip. An additional benefit is the security of having multiple experienced skippers available to help troubleshoot the minor boat issues that seems to occur on every flotilla.


Having trouble filling your boat? Let us help.... we will place like-minded crew members on your boat as needed to fill out the boat and keep the individual costs down.


Ever been stuck on one of those big cruise lines, where there are wall to wall people, the food is mediocre, or the activities that you planned for the day are not available due to poor weather? Join one of our trips for a very different experience. The benefit of a smaller boat is our ability to be flexible. If there are too many crowds, we move somewhere else where there are no crowds, we pick and chose our restaurants. If the weather is bad, then we can do tomorrow what we planned for today.

Rusty Pete Flotilla moored off Norman Island, exploring the caves around Treasure Point before heading to Willy T's for a night of dancing

Rusty Pete crew members bring home dinner after a day of deep sea fishing for marlin off the North Drop

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