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We provide elite adventure experiences that create friendships, shared passions and life-long memories, at an affordable price so others may experience the Ocean and its beauty.


To create affordable, elite sailing and island adventure experiences for individuals and groups, built on a foundation of respect and responsibility for the Ocean and its sustainability.

Providing unique, unforgettable, authentic experiences is the goal in every
adventure we plan.


We are not
Rigid • A Large Cruise Ship • Overpriced • Crowded
We are
Flexible • Intimate • Affordable • Independent
While offering
Freedom • Authenticity

Our Brand Identity

Our brand identity represents the fluidity of the ocean and of the
experience we help create for our clientele. The rise and fall of an ocean
wave; the beauty of a sail curved with the wind; the point where sun, sea,
and land meet to create an elite moment that will be remembered forever.

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